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Step 1: Select a Patio Design with Comfort and Style






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Step 2: Select your Insulated Patio Roof

An ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable,
functional and attractive panel.

SolarSpan® & InsulRoof® are Australia’s leading insulated roof products ideal for insulated patio roofs , insulated pergolas, verandas, decks, carports, garages and homes.
We can recommend a range of specialised installers in your local area across Australia
in creating the ideal solution to suit individual needs and budgets.


Features & Benefits

• Perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs at 2 degrees
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling
•  Cyclonic approval
• Long unsupported spans
• Quick and simple to install
• Guaranteed 10 Year Warranty


Features & Benefits

•  Classic Corrugated profile
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling 
• Long unsupported spans
• Guaranteed 10 Year Warranty
• Pre-finished ceiling underside
• Perfect for patios, pergolas and verandahs.

Step 3: Locate a Patio Builder or Patio Dealer

Have a question?

What colours do they come in? How long are they? Can I build a SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® patio or pergola myself? All great questions. You’ll likely find answers to most questions on this website, however, feel free to use the enquiry form to connect to one of our professional support members, who’ll endeavour to reply as soon as possible with the right answers.

Need a quote?

Are you looking to install add value and functionality to your house by adding a patio or pergola? You’ve made the smart choice with SolarSpan® and InsulRoof®. Contact us using the enquiry form and your email will be directed to the correct specified support person in your area to expedite your quote. You can try our online Directory to find SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® resellers and installers in your area.

Need installation help?

Our install guides are available right here, on the website. If you have further questions, please use the enquiry form to contact a SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® patio and pergola support member, who’ll give you the right advice and help get your project finished.


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Our friends at "Tailor Made Steel Buildings" are busy this week, demonstrating the benefits of SolarSpan & InsulRoof insulated roofing for their verandah designs at Pacific Shopping Centre, Epping.

With the Spring just around the corner they are getting a lot of interest from clients looking for that new SolarSpan Alfresco or Outdoor BBQ area.
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9 months ago

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The Escape Pod is nearly ready! This is one of two major door prizes at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre - HIA Home Show which kicks off Thursday. Valued at $7990 t&c's apply. Come see us at stand S41 at the Eco Stage to enter!

2 years ago

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