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Welcome to Australia’s leading insulated patio & pergola roofing installer and dealer network brought to you by SolarSpan® and InsulRoof® by Bondor®.

Step 1: Select a Patio with Comfort and Style






See our gallery of SolarSpan® insulated patio & pergola projects for styles and design ideas

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Step 2: Select your Insulated Patio Roof

An ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable,
functional and attractive panel.

SolarSpan® & InsulRoof® are Australia’s leading insulated roof products ideal for insulated patio roofs , insulated pergolas, verandas, decks, carports, garages and homes.
We can recommend a range of specialised installers in your local area across Australia
in creating the ideal solution to suit individual needs and budgets.


Features & Benefits

• Perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs at 2 degrees
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling
•  Cyclonic approval
• Long unsupported spans
• Quick and simple to install
• Guaranteed 10 Year Warranty


Features & Benefits

•  Classic Corrugated profile
• Superior comfort with high performing insulation
• Genuine COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling 
• Long unsupported spans
• Guaranteed 10 Year Warranty
• Pre-finished ceiling underside
• Perfect for patios, pergolas and verandahs.

Step 3: Locate an installer or reseller

The closest SolarSpan® installer  or reseller is a search away

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